Getwell Medical transport Overview

Get Well Transportation was founded on the philosophy of providing compassionate care for the sick and injured. As a fully licensed non-emergency medical transportation, our reputation has been built on a commitment to prompt response time, compassionate care and dependable service to the facilities and communities we serve. Much of our success is the result of innovation, dedication of our employees and excellent customer service. You can be assured every patient receives the best care from the most professional and dedicated medical transport service.

GetWell Mission Statement

The Mission of Get Well Transportation lies in our persistence in providing outstanding care and service to all of our patients. By combing the highest standards of safety and customer care, our company can provide unmatched quality service‚Ķ.the kind of service our patients deserve and require, in a fast-paced health industry lacking the commitment to customer service. Get Well Transportation will be the company to facilitate all your transportation needs with the up most professionalism, courtesy, and customer assistance. “Get Well” is our name, quality and care are what we strive to provide.